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Showering can account for 30% of overall household water usage.

The performance of a house is dependent on the selection of products. High quality and high efficiency appliances can improve an eco-home in different ways: save water, save energy, save money.

Showering can account for around 20/30% of overall household water usage.

Low Flow Shower adaptors and shower heads can save 40% of the water used in your daily showering. . At the end, it cuts down on the monthly water bill and also helps reduce the energy bill (since you are heating less hot water).

A low flow shower uses less than 6-9 litres of water a minute compared with 10 - 20 litres for an ordinary showerhead. Check out this product from Foreno for an elegant and affordable option rated at 8 Litres per minute (mains pressure) HERE

Low flow showers these days do not equate with a bad shower, and 8 L/min is plenty to have a decent  showering experience and rinse your body/hair. Of course, don't forget to turn the shower water off while you are applying soap or shampoo, and limit your shower to 4 minutes of water use if you can…Good user behavior makes a great difference!