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Media Publications


Article in Auckland Time Magazine   

Senior Consultant of EnviroSpec Alex Reiche talks about the future of the green industry and how knowledge of the industy is essential for its growth. By knowing which products are the most effective we can begin to build our future as green as possible. EnviroSpec's website delivers this information to the public allowing them to make the best possible decisions in terms of green building. 


Idealog Magazine   

Idealog Magazine takes a look into the green industry and the amount of fraud in the industry. Also known as greenwash, these are claims by businesses saying they are green but in reality they are not taking the necessary steps. What allows us to seek past this greenwash are formal certifications and Alex Reiche of EnviroSpec leads the discussion. More and more of our global economy is requiring these certificiations making the certifications vital for the green industry and global trade.


Green Living Magazine

The Green Living Magazine details Homestar which is a free independent rating tool that measures the environmental performance of stand alone homes. It is the only independent, certified rating tool in New Zealand.  In this article EnviroSpec's Alex Reiche gives some tips on Homestar and how a house can achieve the best possible rating.