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New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) Membership

The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) is a not-for-profit, industry organisation dedicated to accelerating the development and adoption of market-based green building practices. NZGBC's vision is that New Zealanders work and live in healthy, efficient, productive and environmentally sustainable buildings, today and into the future. The NZGBC was established in July 2005 and in 2006 became a member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC).


Active Member of the NZGBC Product and Materials Advisory Group (PMAG)

The role of the Products and Materials Advisory Group (PMAG) is to provide ongoing high-level guidance regarding the strategic approach to products and materials within the NZGBC's building rating tools. Members of the group include EnviroSpec as well as other leaders in the field of product impacts, life-cycle thinking and environmental consultancy. the role of the group is to provide sound and objective advice, which is independent of any particular company or industry perspective.

Green Star NZ Interiors Tool review Group

Active Member of the Green Star NZ Interiors Tool review Group

The Green Star NZ rating tools are developed using a collaborative and integrated approach which has been trialled here and internationally. A Working Group is formed with widespread industry involvement and this has proven to be a vital ingredient in the overall success and market uptake of the resulting tool. EnviroSpec currently sits on the Green Star NZ Interiors tool review group with the aim to help develop and launch the upgraded tool in 2012.

Sustainable Business Network

Member of the Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) provides advice and support to help business succeed through becoming more sustainable. This non for profit organisation supports members year-round with networking opportunities, practical tools, training and sustainability assessments. SBN define Sustainable Business as the integration of economic growth, social equity and environmental management, both for now and for the future.

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Member of the Life Cycle Association of New Zealand (LCANZ)

The Life Cycle Association of New Zealand (LCANZ) was established in June 2009 to provide a focal point for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Management work conducted in New Zealand. It aims to promote networking and knowledge sharing between organisations and people. LCANZ has formal recognition as an independent special interest group with a representative membership, including industry, practitioners and researchers. The key tasks for LCANZ include the development of a strategy for LCA in New Zealand and supporting the development of a national Life Cycle Inventory database for New Zealand.




Green Star Accredited Professional

Green Star NZ Accredited Professional

As a Green Star NZ Accredited Professional (GSAP), Envirospec can prepare the application for certification, act as the main point of contact with the New Zealand Green Building Council, liaise with the Design Team, provide consultancy advice to inform design and materials selection, review specifications and ensure quality control of the submission. Green Star NZ Accredited Professionals are experienced building industry practitioners who have demonstrated their understanding of the Green Star NZ rating system and attended two NZGBC Green Star NZ Accredited Professional courses (Level 1 and Level 2) and pass the associated exam.

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Homestar Practitioner

Homestar™ Practitioner

A Homestar™ Practitioner is an industry professional who has been trained and accredited by Homestar™ and uses the Homestar™ Certified manual to provide professional advice to homeowners and tenants when they are making decisions about home design. As a Homestar™ Practitioner, EnviroSpec can guide the homeowner or tenant at the decision making stage on what features and systems are rewarded within the official Homestar™ certification system. A homeowner or tenant is likely to engage a Homestar™ Practitioner when they are targeting an official Homestar™ Certified rating.

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Homestar Certified Assessor

Homestar™ Certified Assessor

If you are ready to have your Homestar™rating certified, an independent Homestar™ Assessor can inspect your home and provide you with a certified Homestar™ rating. This provides you with the assurance of a credible assessed Homestar™ rating and an official certificate that you can use to showcase the value and performance of your home, potentially attracting higher resale value. EnviroSpec is a certified Homestar Assessor and can deliver the rating required for your home.

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Homecoach™ Practitioner

A Homecoach™ is a building industry service provider who has been trained by Homestar™ to assist you through the online tool (the same online questions as during the self-assessment). EnviroSpec offers a personalised service at your home or during an in-office consultation, assisting you with completion of the questions with accurate information, in order to provide your Homecoach™ Assessment. EnviroSpec can also talk you through the recommendations and assist you in choosing the right solutions for your home.