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The 4-Ws Of Envirospec


EnviroSpec is 100% kiwi-based. Founded in early 2009 by Alex Reiche, an Environmental Scientist and leader in the fields of environmentally preferable products, assessment systems and specification requirements.

From early beginnings in the UK and his involvement with Groundwork Environmental Organisation, The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, The National Centre for Business and Sustainability, Alex then entered the building industry by becoming Research and Development coordinator for a multi-national architectural practice, focusing on computational design, sustainable design and sustainable materials. This naturally led to becoming involved with the New Zealand Green Building Council and Greenbuild upon arrival in New Zealand.

This wealth of experience is now encapsulated through the services offered by EnviroSpec.


EnviroSpec is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand is in a position of strength to address the issue of sustainability. A strong desire to succeed is emerging from Government, Industry, NGOs and Consumers, providing a fantastic opportunity to create a uniform drive towards a better future.


EnviroSpec plays a pivotal role, acting effectively as the link between the specifiers and the suppliers.

The EnviroSpec website provides an interactive solutions library where consumers/specifiers can quickly and easily view environmental information on products and services. The ability to select and compare products knowing that the information has been verified allows for a faster, better decision-making process without the traditional risks associated with Greenwash. Of particular interest is the ability to perform an analysis and evaluation of products against national standards and drivers such as the New Zealand Green Building Council's Green Star NZ rating system and/or sustainable procurement strategies.

EnviroSpec is also able to advise suppliers and manufacturers on the most cost-effective way to improve the environmental performance of their products, become certified and communicate the information to market. An in-depth understanding of the latest "Green" Standards (such as Green Star NZ) means that EnviroSpec can help transform possible barriers into potential opportunities.


The answer depends on who you are.

For consumers and specifiers
• Save time - Find out essential environmental information, presented in a user-friendly format to allow for better decision-making.
• Increased assurance levels - Information has been verified as much as is practically viable, ensuring your decisions are based on unbiased, robust information.
• Improve your knowledge - Using EnviroSpec will allow you to gain fast access to the most up-to-date environmental initiatives on products and services and view the results of extensive research and investments in the field.
• Make better decisions - Specifying environmentally preferable products and services can help fight climate change, reduce energy requirements and the demand for non-renewable resources, avoid the use of toxic or hazardous materials, provide healthier environments and promote corporate social responsibility.

For Suppliers and Manufacturers
• Gain exposure - Your products and services are immediately available to thousands of eco-conscious consumers and specifiers across New Zealand and abroad.
• Gain credibility - Benefit from the backing of an environmentally-conscious, dedicated organisation.
• Save time and money - Reduce printing and logistics costs and allow your sales force to do their job more effectively.
• Increase sale opportunities - in the growing Green Market Place.
• Future proof your organisation - The environmental drivers and regulations relating to products and services are becoming increasingly stringent. Engaging with EnviroSpec can help you strategically address the issue through a Step-by-Step process.
• Play a fair game - the truly proactive companies get rewarded, not those who are best at Greenwash.

In the end we are all consumers, and as such it is our duty to ensure we do our share to promote a more sustainable future. Using EnviroSpec is an easy, cost-effective tool to help achieve this goal.