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Product Environmental Index

EnviroSpec has worked exclusively in the green specification, product environmental rating and green building industry in New Zealand.

The aim of the EnviroSpec Product Environmental Index is to provide professional specifiers and general homeowners with a useful web-based system to quickly and easily compare the environmental performance of building products.

It highlights what the general environmental footprint of a product may look like, based on 8-10 key performance areas throughout its life cycle.  Drawing on best practice principles from leading rating systems around the world, and applying an evidence-based approach, each performance area is colour coded from red (for poor performance) to dark green (for excellent performance).

The results are then built into the website using the product comparison grid and can be displayed to specifiers and home owners, allowing them to make informed decisions about the products that are best suited to their particular project.

If you are a product supplier and would like to engage in this process, or if you are a professional specifier practice and would like a presentation about the benefits of the EnviroSpec Product Environmental Index,please send an email to contact@envirospec.co.nz